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Monthly Archives: October 2015

MKL Motors – Making Motoring Simple

The Mercedes Sprinter is a large panel van which is produced by Mercedes-Benz. It has been in production since 1995 and is considered to be one of the most popular vans in the UK so its no co-incidence that there is a great deal of demand for their engines. The latest Sprinter powered by the OM651 engine is considered to have better fuel economy than its predecessor and has great safety features. This vehicle has become hugely popular with big sales in Europe and beyond. Like all vehicles though it does have its common problems which include read door, sliding door, propshaft and brake lamp failure.

All versions of the sprinter have the blueEFFICIENCY packages of the available eco tweaks. This includes things like stop-start which cuts the engine when the vehicle is in neutral and then restarts when you press on the clutch, or lift the brake pedal in automatic models. Theres also a low enegry power steering pump and you also get a gearshift indicator which signals when to change gear to minimise fuel consumption.

Mercedes has always had a great reputation for the durability of their vans and was recently ranked in the top 3 in terms of reliability. There have been some minor engine related issues and problems with corrosion. Theres a great deal of safety options on the Sprinter which include things like the bi-xenon headlightsand rain sensors that have headlamp assist to tyre pressure monitoring as well as multi airbags.

The Sprinter boasts one of the most powerful engines in the van market which is the 190bhp 3.o v6 engine. Even the 2.2 4-cylinder engines provide adequate grunt for hauling loads at high speeds on the motor way.

Mercedes Sprinter Engines

For Sale:

At MKL Motors, we aim to provide high quality Mercedes Sprinter Engines. However, due to the nature of the usage of the sprinter vans, its often difficult to find a good quality

used Sprinter engine

, and the option of a brand new Sprinter engine is generally not practical due to their expensive price tag. But, by offering our customers reconditioned Sprinter engines, we feel our clients are getting an excellent option. Simply put, a reconditioned Mercedes Sprinter engine is one that has been stripped down, overhauled and then rebuilt with brand new components. The level of rebuilding in each individual engine will vary from one to the next depending on each units requirements. But the overall aim of this rebuilding process is to restore the engine closer its original manufacturing standard. Meaning you are now getting an engine which essentially, has ‘zero’ miles.

Over the years we have developed strong experience in the automotive industry, and with a highly skilled engineering task force at our disposal, we are confident we can provide you with the high quality Sprinter engine that you need.

At MKL Motors, we always aim to simplify the client experience. So as well as offering our clients

replacement engines

, we also offer full fitting and vehicle recovery services.

Get in touch with our friendly sales for free expert advice and to discuss your needs further.