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Mercedes Sprinter Diesel Engines For Sale


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Mercedes Sprinter Diesel Engines
Vehicle Overview


Daimler-Benz (1995–1998) DaimlerChrysler (1998–2007) Daimler AG (2008–present Mercedes-Benz & Freightliner)




Düsseldorf, Germany Tiaret, Algeria Elbahouse, Jordan Buenos Aires, Argentina Ladson, South Carolina, United States Tai'an, China (Xinkai Auto) Juiz de Fora, Brasil (MCV) Tehran, Iran (Iran Khodro Diesel) Nizhny Novgorod, Russia (GAZ, first generation)
Body and chassis


Light commercial vehicle, Full-size van (USA)



Body style

4-door minivan 2-door pickup truck 4-door crew cab 4-door minibus


Mercedes-Benz TN (since 1995); light versions of Mercedes-Benz Vario (since 2013)
OM611.981 Engine OM611.987 Engine
OM646.984 Engine OM646.985 Engine
OM646.986 Engine OM611.983 Engine
OM642.992 Engine OM904.611 Engine
OM612.981 Engine OM651.955 Engine
OM651.957 Engine OM613.961 Engine

The Mercedes Sprinter is a very popular van which has been selling in very big numbers since it was first produced in 1996. The latest Sprinter is billed as the ‘Pioneer of the road’, as its considered to be safer, more efficient and has a new revised look which has a great deal of technology. As expected from Mercedes, their vehicles come loaded with a great deal of safety features. Theres an advanced version of ESP (Electronic Skid Protection) installed and it also includes traction control, ABS as well as a brake force distribution system which has the facility to adjust the facility of the protection system to take into account the loads that are in the back, roll over protection and it even has a system which wipes the brake discs when you are driving in the rain. The Sprinter is considered to be a fluid, easy driving experience.

The Mercedes Sprinter comes in a choice of 9 different body styles. Theres the Sprinter panel van, the Sprinter Traveliner Minibus, the Sprinter Dropside pick-up and the highly adaptable Sprinter Chassis Cab. Each of these is available in a range of different dimensions with different lengths and body heights. They are powered by four and six clyinder engines common rail CDI diesel engines. The 2.2 diesel engine produces 95bhp, 129bhp and 163bhp. The 3.0 diesel v6 engine produces 190bhp. Theres also another option which produces 156bhp that has a bi-fuel engine which is powered by compressed natural gas as well as petrol. All versions are driven by the six speed ECO gear manual gearbox. Mercedes is also one of the few manufacturers that offer a full automatic 7 speed box.

Mercedes Sprinter Diesel Engines For Sale:

At MKL Motors, we aim to provide high quality Mercedes Sprinter Diesel Engines. However, due to the nature of the usage of the sprinter vans, its often difficult to find a good quality used Sprinter Diesel engine, and the option of a brand new Sprinter engine is generally not practical due to their expensive price tag. But, by offering our customers reconditioned Sprinter diesel engines, we feel our clients are getting an excellent option. Simply put, a reconditioned Mercedes Sprinter engine is one that has been stripped down, overhauled and then rebuilt with brand new components. The level of rebuilding in each individual engine will vary from one to the next depending on each units requirements. But the overall aim of this rebuilding process is to restore the engine closer its original manufacturing standard. Meaning you are now getting an engine which essentially, has ‘zero’ miles.

Over the years we have developed strong experience in the automotive industry, and with a highly skilled engineering task force at our disposal, we are confident we can provide you with the high quality Sprinter engine that you need.

At MKL Motors, we always aim to simplify the client experience. So as well as offering our clients replacement engines, we also offer full fitting and vehicle recovery services.

Get in touch with our friendly sales for free expert advice and to discuss your needs further.